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Ambreen Ali marks her name as a creative fashion entusiast in a short span

ambreen ali

Ambreen Ali- studied from University of Scranton, Pennsylvani alongside specialized in Marketing and Brand Management. The creative fashion enthusiast, who made her mark in a extremely short span of time, is an exceedingly expert yet gifted fashion designer in Pakistan whose sketches ethos are magnificiently imaginative, captivating and alluring.

Her designer label with her own name ‘Ambreen Ali’ is for the fashion pursuing women of all ages with the opinion that designers should either join marketing intellect or hold an artistic vision themselves. A fashion designer ought to have creative and technical skills, should stay notified of the latest trends keeping an eye on the industry steadily and should have the ablility to forecast upcoming fashions. Accord from relatives and husband’s support is Ambreen’s biggest strength and self-assurance that equally uphold her across the thick and the thins. Mona’s key strength is her passion for work, hardworking nature and determination that lead her to accomplish her aims, effectually and quickly.

Uniqueness, actual recognization and apropriate selection is quite difficult as the materials could be problematic, or perhaps the paper illustration is not that facile to hold into reality, thus fabrics and supplementary textiles need keen vision.

Mona craves to make her mark in the fashion industry being the most reasonable yet stylish designer label encountering the fashion needs of women of all age groups.

ambreen ali fashion designer

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