Ahmed Amin Bodla,21 year aged lad becomes an asset to Pakistan setting 26 world and 5 Guinness world records.

Ahmed Amin Bodla

Ahmad Amin Bodla: Born on 9th of November’ 93, in PakPattan, studied from numerous institutes as his father, an army officer was posted in different Pakistani cities and abroad.

At 14, his father’s guard – a Taekwondo trained inspired Bodla who fundamentaly trained him, initiated Martial Arts Training at age 15, 2008 and recieved Black Belt Training – National Taekwondo team-2009.

“When you intend to break a world record , it means you’re against the best of the world”.

A Spanish Master’s video, provoking Bodla, origined the training to Guinness World Record Breaking, that showed the most kicks in a minute World Record, 2014 Bodla striked 355 kicks in a minute breaking the record of American Master Raul. His 783 kicks in 3 minutes and 6970 kicks in an hour established World Records.

Shafiq-ur-Rehan Khattana,  Judge at Legends Martial Arts Engineer Sports Club, conveys

Ahmed Bodla to be the only Pakistani, breaking multiple world records in the field. Before him, Khattana admits that afore Bodla, records always were held by the foriegners.

The only Pakistani, who inducted in Martial Arts Hall of fame USA, Bodla’s martial skills, in Pakistan lacked government support with apropos recognition. Earning surpassing media and public respose in KSA, he set 2 world records in 2012. He, being a mentor to many Martial Arts trainee atheletes, himself glorifies  the International atheletes i.e. George Hood (USA) and Robert Ardito (Australia).

Globaly, currently Pakistan is hampering tough times, but nationalists like Ahmed Bodla proves our nation to be no lesser and weaker comparatively, as he says:

“Its an aim for me to make more records as a Pakistani”

Ahmed Amin Bodla trains immensely for further record breaking. Assuming Pakistan secures within significant talent that craves enhancment and government sponsorship, consist huge scale for improvment of practices, atheletic activites and fitness equipments in Pakistan. The laurels to the country, indeed are a gratuity of his skills but during the span of struggle no government support or whatever help was acquired.

Ahmad-Amin-Bodla  Ahmad-Amin-Bodla

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