Ali Moeen Nawazish An ordinary, barely passing student, makes his way to The Guiness World Record holder !!

ali moin nawazish

Ali Moeen Nawazish – Born in 1990, Rawalpindi was the youngest son to both the parents working as doctors.  He received his basic education from St. Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi where he spent many years of his life. He was a guitar, tabla and piano player and also participated in the school’s band but academically, Nawazish was an ordinary student who sometimes barely passed with an oscillated academic performance. During this school life, he was quite impressed by the Philosophies of men like Plato and wanted to bring greatness and elevation to his homeland, Pakistan.

Nawazish decided to do something extraordinary and to prove to himself that ‘He could do it!’ he burnt the midnight oil, studying 12 hours a day and using energy drinks to keep himself active and focused on studies. With an optimistic approach towards life, Nawazish was gearing up to play a gigantic role in the days to come. Consequently, he scored 9 A’s in his O’Levels Examination-2007 along with ‘Top in World’ award, earning the highest numbers in Computer Studies when studying at Roots School System. His result of A’levels banged-out a hard-to-break world record in which he had attained 22 A’s, a B and a C; which was spotlighted by the international media, making this Pakistani World record achiever, recognized globally. He was interviewed and quoted in many reputed, leading newspapers and magazines and was invited as a guest to many shows leading him to laurel various awards including the highest honors in Pakistan i.e. Pride of Performance.

He then affiliated with the two biggest media groups of Pakistan as a columnist of Jang and a Youth Ambassador for GEO; and a Brand ambassador of the Pakistan’s leading Mobile Company i.e. Mobilink.

Scoring the highest marks in Computer and ICT Subjects, he aimed to win himself a place at the University of Cambridge when he embarked on a Computer Science degree course at Trinity Hall. While filling the application for Cambridge, his qualifications barely fitted in the space provided. After being accepted, Nawazish graduated in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Cambridge. His enthusiasm towards the betterment for his nation pulled him back to Pakistan after which he dedicated his time and life uplifting the society for which initiated a venture i.e. Step-Up Pakistan, aiming to train the teachers in different methods to improvise the Educational System in Pakistan; evolved Twenti3 group i.e. a company that broadens its range of activities in many different sectors to develop the society; founded AMN Schools for the betterment of students education to change their future.

Nawazish is a source of inspiration and guidance who aims positivity and prosperity for the nation, dedicated to improvise the society; motivate the youth and adults not only in Pakistan but also internationally.

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