The youngest bud of Naat Khuwani’s grove Dua Noor

The youngest bud of Naat Khuwani’s grove Dua Noor

The Almighty Allah whenever pleases chooses the one pleased from, to narrate the praisal of His beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to be the chosen one for the appraisal of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is a thing of great pride. There are many names dominating as Naat Khuwans but when a young soul becomes a part of this Naat Khuwan family, the soul is overshadowed with the blessings of the Al-mighty. Every member of this House of Naat holds a very auspisious mark, but now there is the voice of a very young & little angel, Sana-Khuan –e Rasool (peace be upon him) –  Dua Noor.

Dua Noor being the youngest Sana-Khuwan e Rasool (peace be upon him), is offering her love and devotion in the path of the Al-Mighty and His beloved since a year. She has been performing for various TV channels and is making a close place in the hearts of different people of different cities. She has recieved a number of medals and awards from various schools and organisations. Just at the age of 6, Dua Noor achieved the honours to recieve a gold medal from Mr. Muhammad Azam Malik (International Naat Council, Pakistan). With the honour of getting coronationed at Karachi Press Club from different religious, political, social, bussinessmen & journalist  personalities, she is now going to get her first album released very soon.

Talent Pakistan’s team wishes Dua Noor, milestones of success with the passage time with prosperous achievements to reward her hard work and struggle so she could shine our countrys name world widely.

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