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Doctor Naveed Syed Pakistan Scientist makes a telling discovery of how brain cells can be connected into silicon chip


Dr.Naveed Syed, a world widely renowned scientist who completed his PhD in Neurophysiology at the University of Leeds, – England then he shifted to Canada in 1990s where he taught medical undergraduate and graduates at The University of Calgary. He is a professor and Head of Cell Biology and Anatomy at Calgary from where he managed time for and succeeded in a research of connecting human brain cells to a silicon chip focusing on the merging of brain cells during developing a control rythemic behaviour i.e ocomotion & respirationn after birth.

Dr.Naveed Syed

He rebuilt the respiratory network in a cell culture dish and introduced a single brain cell transplantation method in mammals. His collaboration with a firm in Germany in the development of brain chip technology paves the way towards the future brain controlled prosthetic devices. He has laurelled the prestigious Parker B Francis Fellowship,USA and an Alfred Sloan Fellowship. Dr.Syed’s contribution to the world of science and technology has earned him many other awards.

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